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21 Days of Awakening Meditation: vol 2


Over 7 hours of teachings + guided brief meditations with music to bring you into deeper and deeper states of awareness, paving a way for Awakening. Each downloaded MP3 is a digestible 10-20 minute recording, easy to piece out daily over the course of 3 weeks. Guidance and contemplation to bring you closer to your Divine experience of life and freedom from the ego/mind. Examine patterning and conditioning that has held you back from all you've wanted in life. Learn to lead from heart + divine up the mind with no b.s. practical resources + streaming Grace.

word on the street from participants:
“This was one of the most amazing experience I've ever had meditating!! Thanks so much for the lessons.. Everyday was heart opening for me!!”

"Thank you, thank you, I LOVED the 21 days of awakening meditation SO MUCH. It was brilliant, fascinating, and blissful in so many ways. I've done different types of meditations, been to classes, listened to various recordings online but yours were totally different, made me feel A.W.E.S.O.M.E. deep within. Not sure how to describe it with words but definitely an amazing experience."

“Despite already walking this path of learning she has such a beautiful concise way of boiling down the essentials so they stay with you.

There is no religion here, no preaching, only learning and loving. Only your own mind and heart!

She has a lil NYC sass but has studied all over the world...enjoy her humor, her vulnerability in sharing small pieces of herself to help us see our own potential. are a true inspiration.”

“There was a profound peace, so intense it is beautiful, so beautiful because I listened with emptiness, no judgements no assumptions no conclusions I just listened.”

“Loving this. Simple and elegant and great to reboost a routine.”

“Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I’m already missing our daily “chat”"

“Today's talk is amazing! don’t want it to end…”

“The past few meditations have just cracked me wide open.”

“Thank you Margaret for another peeling of emotional healing awareness.”

Margaret Nichols is an amazing human being. If you're looking for a shift in consciousness, feel more connected to yourself and the world around you, or simply want to start the practice of meditation and see what it's all about, join me!”

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